Boat Snacks: Skewer Edition
What To Take Fishing With Kristine Fischer
Simple 7: Steps To Catch A Fish With James Hall
Boat Snacks: Skewer Edition

I love to use skewers in all of my cooking, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and especially for snacks. Skewers, large or small, make it very easy to create really fun and versatile snacks, and you don’t need plates or tableware. These tasty little snacks use toothpicks and are probably the most versatile yet, […]

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New to the outdoors? This is your spot for the simple steps to get started to create your outside story.

Camp camp

Playing card games is a great way to enjoy down time around a campsite.

Cook cook

Choosing the right snack to stay fueled when exploring the outdoors is crucial. The Adventurtunity Family has a list of {Simple 7} snacks that are convenient, filling, and healthy!

Explore explore

Keep up with your gear, dock a boat, fish or deal with an emergency by knowing all of these seven easy knots.

Fish fish

We show you seven very simple steps to catching your first catfish on simple baits in a small pond.

Find places to fish, camp, explore and more near you

Navigate your way to your next adventure and create your story.


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A Day Out{side} Perch Ice Fishing

With slight adjustments to their original technique, see how Jimmy Kennedy spends a successful day with friends catching perch.

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Fish{ fish }

A Day Out{side} Ice Fishing

Jimmy Kennedy proves that you can enjoy catching fish during the winter months.

Salsa is the perfect midday snack that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Enjoy the holidays around a campfire with Jimmy’s delicious take on traditional Thanksgiving turkey.


Campfire Pizza Rollup With The Hunts

by Philip Hunt


Learn to make a Campfire Pizza Rollup.

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