Why Grizzly Coolers Are Made In America

Grizzly Coolers shares the five reasons why it matters to buy American made gear.

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Durability matters when choosing outdoor gear, especially gear you need to last a while and go on every type of adventure. 

Grizzly Coolers makes their products in Decorah, Iowa, to guarantee superior quality. 

Writer Anthony Dear lists the five reasons why being labeled as “made in the USA” really matters and makes a difference.

The first reason is jobs. “When something is made in the USA it creates jobs for Americans.” This boosts the economy and helps American families. 

The next reason Dear lists is quality. “We don’t want more, we want better,” he writes. American-made products are reliable and built to last. The team at Grizzly is not cutting any corners. Dear attributes this to Americans taking pride in their work. “America has a long history of manufacturing products with a level of craftsmanship that is unmatched.”

Third is safety. America has manufacturing guidelines in place to keep the manufacturer and consumer safe. “American standards for safety rise above most foreign manufacturers. Many production practices and materials used by foreign manufacturers have been deemed unsafe by the United States.”

Dear lists independence as the fourth reason. “Producing and buying products made at home keeps us from being dependent on foreign nations.” Rounding back to quality and safety, Dear explains our government does not have a say in foreign countries’ wages, labor standards and manufacturing regulations. America’s independence “helps America keep our identity, helps create safe working conditions, and fair wages for employees.”

Lastly, buying American-made products is better for the environment. Environmental regulations encourage companies to use cleaner practices. Grizzly uses Ecomate insulation. “The outstanding moisture-locking, insulating, structural, and sound abatement benefits of Ecomate®-blown foams are boundless while being 100% eco-friendly and sustainable,” Grizzly representative Eric Hofmann writes. The ending result is better for the environment and provides a better-quality product. 

In July 2021, All American Reviews listed Grizzly as one of the top eight coolers on the market that’s made in the USA. 

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