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Yaktrax Hand Warmers are made for those who refuse to stay inside when the weather gets cold.

Gear Up
By Justin Brouillard
Gear Up Ambassador

Yaktrax Hand Warmers are made for those who refuse to stay inside when the weather gets cold.

What sets it apart?

When the cold weather is limiting your fun — whether camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or just building a campfire around the house — these hand warmers will keep you in the outdoors longer. They work especially great for kids and anyone who needs a little warm boost. These warmers will quickly become your go-to.

How do I use it?

Simply rip a pair of warmers open, expose them to air, give them a few shakes to get them activated and go about your business. The oxygen activates the contents and provides residual heat that will last up to 8-hours. They are a safe, all-natural solution to cold hands when you need them most. They are environmentally friendly and only take a few minutes to begin giving off heat. They can be used inside your gloves and direct contact will not harm the skin. They also work great inside your coat pockets to give your hands a place to warm up quickly before returning to your outdoor activity.

How much?


Justin’s insight:

As an angler, hunter, hiker or worker in the cold outdoors, these warmers are a must. There is nothing worse than getting a short way into your outdoor activity only to have it ruined due to freezing cold. The Yaktrax® Hand Warmers will keep your hands warm from the beginning or give you a restart to your activity. They work for kids and adults alike and will keep the young outdoorsman/outdoorswoman warm longer. A very inexpensive product that will provide odorless and safe heat to keep you active in the cold outdoors.

More information:

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