Gear Up: {VIAIR 300P Air Compressor}

The VIAIR 300P portable air compressor is compact, lightweight (less than 9 lbs.), and easy to use.

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

VIAIR Corporation builds tire inflation and onboard air compressor systems for those that like to get out and go. Whether you like to off-road, overland, RV or mountain bike, VIAIR makes a portable air compressor that will fit your needs.

What sets it apart?

The VIAIR 300P portable air compressor is compact, lightweight (less than 9 lbs.), and easy to use. It’s small enough to stash in your vehicle without taking up much space but powerful enough to inflate tires up to 33 inches in diameter up to 150 psi. A 5-in-1 inflator/deflator air hose is included and makes deflating tires for off-road use just as easy as inflating them. An in-line 100 psi air gauge makes setting your tire pressure a breeze, and the included valve attachments make it possible to inflate sports balls and pool toys too!

How do I use it? 

Using the VIAIR 300P could not be easier. With your vehicle running, simply attach the color coded alligator clips to your vehicle’s battery terminals, lock the air hose onto your tire’s valve stem and turn the unit on. Then simply turn the unit off when your tire has reached the desired pressure. To deflate, attach the air hose to the valve stem and slide the 5-in-1 collar down to release air until the desired pressure is reached.

How much?


Adventurtunity Family’s insight:

When we hit the road full time, I knew we needed to have an air compressor on board in case of emergency and for off-roading in our Jeep. But most air compressors with a tank are too bulky to fit within our cargo areas. That’s why the VIAIR 300P is the perfect compressor for us! It’s small, powerful and supereasy to use. I have used it to add pressure to the tires in our motorhome up to 100 psi. But it gets most of its use when we take the Jeep out on the trails. Deflating the tires to 18 psi using the VIAIR air hose is so easy. And when we’re done, reinflating to 35 psi for the road takes just a couple of minutes per tire. It’s the perfect tool for maintaining accurate tire pressure.

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