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Veer Cruisers are built tough for adventurous families who like to explore, get a little wild and create their own paths.

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
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Veer Cruisers are not your traditional wagons or strollers. They are built tough for adventurous families who like to explore, get a little wild and create their own paths.

What sets it apart?

The Veer Cruiser is a best-in-class, all-terrain wagon that can easily and safely carry your kids and cargo from adventure to adventure or sideline to sideline. With an extensive assortment of add-ons, your cruiser can also attach car seats, seat cushions or convert into a bed for a resting place, all while still offering a smooth ride through off-road terrains. You can also attach sun awnings for sunny days and snack trays for mealtime. Looking to travel with your Veer Cruiser? No problem! The Cruiser folds down in five easy steps to save space in the back of your vehicle. Setting it back up is just as simple! The company even offers a durable travel bag to protect your Cruiser when you check it on a plane.

How do I use it? 

In five easy setup or breakdown steps, your Veer Cruiser is ready to carry your children and gear on any adventure! The front, back and side walls easily snap into place or fold down when traveling. The directional arm opens up for free pulling or locks into place for a more secure handle. Additionally, it will fold down on top of the cruiser walls when traveling. There is also a built-in brake that will hold your Cruiser in place while loading and unloading, taking in the scenery or taking a moment to grab snacks for your little ones.

How much?


Adventurtunity Family insight:

With our love for the outdoors, we knew we would require rugged gear to keep up with us and our adventures. Once we found out we were expecting, I think we researched more outdoor baby gear than anything else. We came across Veer Cruisers while searching for rugged wagons, and this product was exactly what we needed! Kade’s Veer Cruiser has been to beaches, trails, mountains, farm festivals, fairs, concerts, campgrounds and hotels. We never worry about where we are going when we have the Cruiser packed because we have seen it tackle a variety of different environments firsthand. Now that we have a puppy, both Kade and Ruko love riding in their Cruiser!

(Adventurnity Family)


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