Gear Up: {Uncharted Supply Co. Zeus And Athena}

Zeus and Athena are portable jump starters and USB chargers.

Gear Up
By Justin Brouillard
Gear Up Ambassador

Zeus and Athena are portable jump starters and USB chargers.

What sets it apart?

The Zeus more than lives up to its big name. With 20,000 mAh it can jump start your full-size truck, car or boat multiple times. While I still carry jumper cables, they are now just a backup that I don’t really see needing or plan on using ever again. The Zeus also has two USB ports and two DC output ports. The unit comes with charging cables for 12-volt outlets, so you can recharge the Zeus from your car or boat as needed. It has an LED light with three different settings, and I’ve found myself using the charger more often as a flashlight than a charger. Another great thing about the flashlight feature is it will work for days on end without you having to worry about buying new batteries or recharging.

The Athena is Uncharted Supply Co.’s newest portable energy system. It offers all the bells and whistles of its counterpart, the Zeus, just in a slightly smaller and lighter package. This makes it even easier to store or carry along on trips. It has 1,600 mAh, which is more than enough juice to jump-start a car multiple times and charge phones, laptops or tools over and over again. The Athena’s high-level voltage multiplier generates an extremely high output by allowing all four battery cells to work together at the same time, prolonging battery life and producing stronger battery jump capabilities. It also sports the new intelligent battery clamps that have 8 built-in protections. For the mobile office, there are two USB ports, MicroUSB and USB-C. Also, like the Zeus, the Athena is waterproof, dust proof and shock proof.

How do I use it?
Using these to jump start a vehicle is as easy to use as you would expect. Just attach the end of the jumper cables, which are included, hook up the clamps and wait for the safety light to illuminate on the Zeus (green for go). Then attach the other end of the clamps to the battery and start up your vehicle. Charging phones or tools is just as easy, and all the necessary cords are provided.

How Much?

$150 Zeus and $130 Athena

Justin’s insight:

While the idea was to use the Zeus for the truck and the Athena for the boat, I’ve actually used them more at home than anywhere else. Living in rural northern Vermont, we’re going to lose power at least once or twice during the long winters. If that happens, the Zeus or Athena can charge everything from your phone to your power tools. Either one can take your iPhone or computer from 0% to 100% up to 10 times on one charge.

While compact in size, they deliver big time. While many of us carry jump-starters now, or are familiar with them and keep telling ourselves we have to get one, these chargers are what you want in your vehicle, boat, camp or home. I’ve been more than a little impressed with the sturdiness, overall design and features, but the amount of power the Zeus and Athena deliver is almost hard to believe.

Basically, it does not matter which of these chargers you decide to make a part of your outdoor life. They both get the job done and do it very well. The peace of mind these chargers bring to any camping, fishing, boating or hunting trip, or just having around the house or as a permanent fixture in the family car, is well worth the investment and then some.

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