Gear Up: {Thermacell Mosquito Repellers}

Keep mosquitoes away from you without smelling like harsh chemicals and DEET. We recommend these Thermacell products to do the trick!

Gear Up
By Jessalyn Adams
Gear Up Ambassador

No one likes being bombarded by mosquitoes and other flying pests while trying to enjoy the outdoors. The little flying nuisances can ruin almost any great camping trip or backyard cookout. 

But, smelling like DEET and OFF! is also not super appealing. That’s where Thermacell products come in as a great and effective alternative. Thermacell has several options and our Go Out{side} team has tested the Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller, the Patio Shield and the MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller.

What sets it apart?

The models vary in size, but the functionality is the same. Thermacell’s biologists study ways to repel mosquitoes and use technology to keep the bugs away from you. The products ward off mosquitoes around a 15-foot zone and are easily portable (no cords or batteries required). The end result is no mosquitoes, no harsh chemicals or smells, and it won’t damage your gear. 

(Photo: Laurie Tisdale)

How do I use it?

The Patio Shield and the MR300 use a small fuel canister and repelling mat. Once you load those in and turn it on, check for the orange glow in the designated window (if it’s not glowing, you need more fuel or to restart it) and wait 15 minutes to be mosquito-free. 

The Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller is similar. The only differences are a repelling cartridge instead of a mat and the way it heats the repellent. It’s very simple to use. You simply turn it on and let it get to work. This model is called the “most advanced system” and it protects a 20-foot range.

(Photo: Laurie Tisdale)

How much?

MR300 $39.99
Patio Shield $24.99
Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller $39.99

Jessalyn’s insight:

My family used the Patio Shield at our campsite on Terrapin Creek. We had been out there for several hours before cooking dinner when my husband noted he hadn’t gotten a single mosquito bite. I hadn’t either and I’m usually the “all-you-can-eat buffet.” I hadn’t sprayed any bug spray or used any natural repelling methods either. The last time we were there, we set up a tiki torch, and it helped, but not quite as much and it was messy. The Thermacell loaded into our camping gear bag mess-free and scentless, and made a huge difference in the enjoyability of our trip.

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