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Keep your dog safe and comfortable with the Ruff Land Kennel.

Gear Up
By Joanna Lee
Gear Up Ambassador

What is it?

Ruff Land Kennels are performance kennels designed to keep your dog safe while traveling. Way too many dogs are injured or killed in car accidents every year because traditional crates or other methods of securing your dog in the car are just not designed for this task. They are also fantastic crates for inside the home, especially if your dog gets stressed or tries to escape its crate when left alone.

What sets it apart?

Ruff Land Kennels are built to be tough and safe. They are made from polyethylene as a one-piece product. This means there is no assembly required, no bolts to come loose, no edges for weak points to form and no overlapping edges to make cleaning difficult. They are designed using a race car-inspired Ruff-Flex Energy Dissipation Technology, which drastically improves the odds that your dog will survive a car accident. There are other brands of travel crates out there that have formal crash testing but these options are dramatically more expensive and take up significantly more space in your car, meaning they aren’t as accessible to everyone.

Another great feature about Ruff Land Kennels is that there are many ways to customize your order. You can choose the number of doors, style of door, layout of vent holes, handles for carrying, tie-down attachments and different shapes depending on your car design. You can also add gear boxes, custom nameplates, couplers to secure two crates together and fans.

How do I use it?

Ruff Land Kennels can be used inside and outside of your car. They can be used for traveling, training and relaxing. You can choose the right size for your dog, which may be different depending if it will be primarily used in the house or in the car. You can also choose a color to fit your aesthetic. It comes as one piece and is ready to use out of the box. You will need to make sure it is secured properly if you are using it in the car to maximize the safety features. Tie-down kits can be added on to your purchase. The website provides helpful information about all the sizing options, but it may be helpful to find a store near you to test the size in real life.

How much?

$200 – $500. The price depends on size, add-on options and customization. You can purchase directly from Ruff Land’s website or use the “Where To Find” feature on their website to find them at a store near you.

Joanna’s insight:

Ruff Land Kennels are an investment in your dog’s safety and, in my opinion, worth every penny. We travel a lot with our dogs, so a secure car crate is a must. It gives them their own space in the car to rest comfortably while we drive, and we have peace of mind that they are safe. It also stops them from pacing, getting overexcited about our destination and distracting me while I am driving. While they are not formally crash tested, there are plenty of testimonials about their ability to protect your dog in case of an accident. I also love that these crates are lightweight compared to other travel crates; it means that when we travel, I can easily carry them into our pet-friendly hotel or Airbnb for the duration of our stay. In terms of use inside the house, they are a great alternative to the more traditional wire crates, especially if your dog gets stressed or anxious about being left alone. Because of the sturdy, one-piece design, your dog cannot injure itself trying to escape. There are also door upgrades if your dog is likely to chew the plastic door. I highly recommend Ruff Land Kennels, and so do my dogs. They recommend you add a Primo Pad to the base of it, which is a waterproof crate mat that is designed to fit perfectly in your size of kennel. My dogs love being secure and safe for long car rides, taking long naps in them during the day and having a cozy place to sleep at night!

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