Gear Up: {Primus Alika Stove}

Making a great meal outside for the family has never been easier.

Gear Up
By Courtney Johnson
Gear Up Ambassador

Just how people gather around the kitchen when at home, gathering around the cookstove and fire while camping also brings people together. Relish in recapping all the day’s adventures while making gourmet (or simple) meals gathered around the picnic table. 

(Photo: Courtney Johnson)

What is it?

The Alika stove is the perfect stove for chefs of all levels. Two different-width burners allow chefs to use a wide range of cookware, from cast-iron pans to large pots for cooking noodles or bigger amounts of food for a sizable crowd. The largest burner can accommodate pots up to 11 inches. Camp chefs are also able to adjust the temperature for each burner, dialing in the cook time.   

What sets it apart?

The most unique feature is the removable lid. This means the stove can be used 360 degrees, encouraging chili stirring while not having to stop a game of cards. The oak lath on the lid also creates a built-in hot plate for pots and pans that need a place to cool off. You’ll never have to use the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” with this stove. 

Collapsible windscreens help control temperature and create consistent flames. A removable drip tray makes cleaning up easy, so you can spend more time enjoying your camp experience. A spring lock keeps the regulator tucked in place, safe from being bent or broken. Easy-to-use locks keep the stove closed when not in use. 

(Photo: Courtney Johnson)

How do I use it? 

The Alika stove is the perfect car-camping stove for all meals, from breakfast to dinner. Overlanders will also appreciate that it takes up little room when packed up. Even if you have a walk-in site, the overall weight and compact design make it easy to carry while carrying additional gear to your base camp. 

With two burners, you can use griddles to cook pancakes and bacon or veggies and burgers. Two different-size burners make it easier to make gourmet camp food or to make different meals for kids and adults at the same time. 

How much? 


(Photo: Courtney Johnson)

Courtney’s insight: 

There is so much to like about this stove. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to pack and easy to store when not in use. The web carrying handle makes it easy even for young campers to be able to bring it from car to camp or picnic table. Swedish design at its finest amps up this stove for not only looks, but also function over bulkier stoves. 

One of the most common things noticed and mentioned by friends is the locking mechanism for the regulator. Many people I know (us included) have bent the regulator on other stoves, even having to replace it. The all-in-one attachment means not losing the regulator during transport either. 

With two different-size burners, we were able to make mac and cheese to make the kids happy while also being able to cook fish for fish tacos for the grown-ups at the same time. Deep into a game of Cover Your Assets, I was happy to be able to see if the water was boiling for the pasta without having to get up from the picnic table. I could also stir the pasta and flip pancakes easily with the removable top.

No lighter is required to light it, which comes in handy in windy conditions. We had no problem lighting and keeping the stove burning when the wind picked up (or in rain) with the Piezo ignition. 

I think it is also worth mentioning that with an adapter, you can use small backpack canisters for fuel. Come midcamp season in Colorado, the recognizable green propane canisters are often sold out in stores, outdoor shops, etc. In a pinch and with an adapter, you can use a backpack canister that may be easier to find if you run out. 

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