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These boots are the do-it-all type of boot that exceeded my expectations

Gear Up
By Courtney Johnson
Gear Up Ambassador

Who doesn’t love a workhorse of a boot? One that you can wear at the dog park, throw on to take out the trash in snowy conditions and then not have to switch out if you want to go for a hike. As a person who hates overflowing closets, and over-packed luggage when I travel, I love to find multipurpose clothes, shoes and other gear. I would much rather be outside enjoying the fresh air than inside doing laundry, unpacking and organizing.

When a friend, who is a do-it-all kind of gal living in the mountains, raved about the Polyver Sweden Classic Winter Boots, I knew I needed to give them a try. Sure, I own other winter boots that have done an OK job. But, those boots are bulky and honestly make my meager size 7 feet look like Frankenstein’s monster’s when I look down at them. I also had to order a bigger size to have room to keep my toes warm. Wearing a bigger size doesn’t do a great job functionality-wise either. Lugging around too big and bulky boots isn’t the most ideal option, no matter the activity.

What sets them apart?

When I first put on my Polyver boots, I could see all the bells and whistles in action. The acrylic lining made me feel like I was wearing cozy socks. There was comfort from the get go. The cushioned foot bed kind of gave the feeling of walking on clouds — a nice find for my completely flat feet. And looking down at my feet, I saw no more Frankenboot! That was a good start!

Cli-Tech, the proprietary technology used to make the boots, stands for Comfort Lightness Insulation Technology. These boots hit all four of those properties. Technology makes these seamless boots waterproof, while the high level of insulation for such a light boot is a big highlight. The boots keep wearers warm in conditions ranging from +10°C/+50°F to -40°C/-40°F.

The ergonomic fit hugged my feet, and I loved the flexibility of the boots. I could easily bend down to grab anything out of my reach, including my dog’s leash that ended up on the mud room floor. I could immediately tell how much lighter these boots were, and I knew I wouldn’t have to break these boots in. In fact, the Classic High Boots are at least a pound lighter than competitor boots. Deeper treads on the soles, along with a distinctive pattern, make these boots perfect for a variety of activities and conditions.

How do I use them?

OK, so they felt great just wearing them around the house, but could they hold up to the hype? I decided to give them their first test run while substitute teaching all day in second grade. From previous experience, I knew this would mean a lot of time on my feet, circulating the room to make sure the students were on task. I also knew I would have playground duty at some point in the day. The varied elements would provide a good test run for traction, and the cold afternoon temp would test the ability to keep my toes warm without moving about much.

The boots passed the test for my day of teaching. They proved to be lightweight enough to wear all day without the need to switch shoes out. After a full day on my feet, I often feel fatigue in my legs and feet. The support these boots gave me throughout the day is something I truly appreciated. I was able to bend down easily to grab the endless mechanical pencils on the floor throughout the day. The outsole kept me upright through the changing conditions.

My second big test would be taking my energetic Aussiedoodle Roxy for a walk.

Every time there is a snowstorm, there are posts on local Facebook groups about whose job it is to clear the sidewalks — the HOA, the town, homeowners, etc. — so you have no idea what the conditions will be when you head out for a walk after a storm.

Since we never got our pup properly trained, she’s a puller. She also wants to personally greet every squirrel, bunny, bird and other dog she sees. This can mean changing directions fast. Although I hate to admit it, my balance just isn’t what it used to be either. Knowing I have a secure grip, no matter the surface, gave me peace of mind taking her out in not-ideal conditions. Not even an ice storm kept us from enjoying our daily walk.

I’ve been able to continue to test the boots in other situations. Walking a melted, muddy trail, my feet stayed dry. I didn’t slip once every time my pup pulled me to try to say hi to other dogs along the trail. The ascents and descents were a breeze while hiking on the 10 Mile Trail in Frisco, Colo. I didn’t need to switch boots out for dinner out on the town that night either. Taking the garbage and recycling in and out is a breeze with these boots, especially how easily they slip on and off. 

Running and playing in the backyard with my pup was no issue. Guiding the kids into school from bus duty and even walking the class over snow mounds to the field during a fire drill was no problem either. Running errands was easy, even after continuous icy and snowy days. No matter the obstacle, the boots held up in terms of warmth, dryness and safety.

How much?

The Polyver Sweden Classic Winter Boots come in both black and green. Retail cost is $179 for the Classic Winter High and $169 for the Classic Winter Low, now available in the U.S at Dunham Sports and at

Courtney’s insight:

These boots are priced similarly to competing brands but outcompete those brands in terms of technology, function and durability. These boots were designed in a country whose theme is, “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing” — the Swedish know changing weather conditions and how to be prepared for them. That is why I believe these boots are superior to other brands on the market.

Whether I am walking the dog, spending a day on my feet in and out of the cold or taking a hike, these boots hold up. I appreciate how warm and dry they keep my feet while also being lightweight for a variety of activities. The dual-density sole gives my feet, ankles and calves support for a full day on the job or at play. The grip is superior to other winter boots I have worn, making them my No. 1 choice on winter weather days.

They really are that do-it-all type of boot that exceeded my expectations when it came to all the technology put into them. I look forward to continuing to use them all winter long, from walking to and from the ski lodge and making snowmen to dog walks and even maybe some ice fishing.

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