Gear Up: {Outdoor Research Dirty/Clean Bag 10L}

Keep your clothes organized while traveling or taking a camping trip with this compartmentalized bag.

Gear Up
By Allyson Shulte
Gear Up Ambassador

What is it?

Backpackers and campers, this one’s for you. If you thrive on organization or if you simply need a method to separate your dirty and clean clothes, look no further than the Outdoor Research Dirty/Clean 10L bag. 

What sets it apart?

This stuff sack is set apart by its separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes that are both watertight and smell-proof. This bag basically functions as a dirty laundry basket and clean clothing storage on the trail, all in one! I have used this bag to store enough clothes for a four-day backpacking trip, with room to spare. Another benefit of this bag is that it compresses your clothes, helping them take up less room overall.

How do I use it?

This stuff sack has two sides: clean and dirty. The clean or “wear me” side holds your freshly packed clothes, and the dirty or “wash me” side stores your sweaty and stinky gear. The separate ends of the bag are color coded and labeled, making it easy to tell the two apart. 

How much?


Allyson’s insight:

I’ve always struggled to find an effective method for storing and organizing my clothes on the trail, and this bag from Outdoor Research changed the game! I love this bag for a few reasons. First, this is a great bag to keep your clothes dry (in case it rains or something leaks in your bag). Second, I love that my clean clothes can actually stay clean — no more mixing dirty and clean clothes on camping or backpacking trips. And third, I love that the ends of the bag are labeled so it’s easy to know which end to access at the moment, and the translucent gray color makes it really easy to see where things are in the bag, too. 

More information:

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