Gear Up: {ORCA Drinkware}

ORCA offers outdoor enthusiasts, extremists and anyone in between an extensive collection of stainless-steel drinkware.

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

ORCA offers outdoor enthusiasts, extremists and anyone in between an extensive collection of stainless-steel drinkware. The unique designs keep your drink cold or hot and come in a variety of sizes, colors and novelty prints.

What sets it apart?
Customization and color! Besides offering superior drinkware that holds ice for over 24 hours and heat for up to 6 hours, the company focuses on its drinkware being fun! You can choose from over 20 colors, numerous finishes, multiple sizes and even accessories to customize your personal drink holder of choice. You can make your drinkware more meaningful by adding a logo, monogram or name as well! The product geniuses have also made it possible for you to mix and match your drinkware with several top options. The Hydra, Vino, Barrel and 16-ounce Chaser can all use the same interchangeable tops.  

How do I use it? 
Whether you are lakeside, beachside, poolside, boatside, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting or even on the sidelines, ORCA drinkware is there to bring color and fun while keeping your drinks cold or hot. All you need to do is pour, pack, drink and share good times with your family and friends.

How much?
$25 – $50

Adventurtunity Family insight:
We have been using ORCA drinkware for years and are continually impressed with these products. Our first ORCAs were the Chaser and Chasertini (a personal favorite). As the company launched new products, we came to love the Hydra collection. We use our Hydras daily for all our activities, as well as just hanging out at home. The unique Hydra lid with the whale tail handle makes it easy to carry or attach onto backpacks. In the winter months, the Vinos are perfect for hot chocolate, and we often replace the Vino lid with the Hydra lid since they are interchangeable. Another great feature we like about the Vino is its size; it fits perfectly in your hands, while others on the market seem to be rather large to single-handedly hold. We have accumulated quite a collection and love to use our ORCA drinkware when entertaining, and we often use them for fun desserts like brownie sundaes, cake and ice cream or even to hold candy treats!

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