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The Cook-It-All is an outdoor cooking do-it-all. Its versatility and size make it great for big groups of friends and family, and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.

Gear Up
By Jimmy Kennedy
Gear Up Ambassador

The Lodge Cook-It-All is a one-of-a-kind, multipurpose outdoor cooking tool.

What sets it apart?

The fact that the Cook-It-All can be used as a griddle/grill, skillet, Dutch oven, wok or pizza oven makes it a one-of-a-kind, multipurpose cooking tool at camp or in the backyard.

Versatility and functionality are the key ingredients of the Cook-It-All, and it comes already seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil and is made in the USA.

How do I use it?

The Cook-It-All has five different cooking configurations with only two pieces of cast iron. There’s a reversible griddle/grill that also acts as a lid. The bottom serves as an almost 7-quart Dutch oven, skillet or wok. The bottom can also be turned over and placed on top of the lid to act as an oven. To use the Cook-It-All as a wok, simply place the bottom piece directly on the hot coals of an open fire or over hot briquettes. Using the handles, position the wok so you have a nice, consistent heat and start cooking. To convert the wok to a Dutch oven, place the lid, which is also the reversible grill/griddle, on top, and you’re good to go. The grill and griddle functions are even easier. For items like pancakes or eggs, use the flat griddle side directly over coals, briquettes or propane. Flip it over and you have a heavy-duty grill for anything and everything you would normally cook on a grill, such as steaks, chicken, fish or vegetables. For baking, and one of the coolest features, place the grill side of the “lid” on the heat source with the flat griddle side facing up. Now turn the bottom (wok) over and set it directly on top of the griddle, and you have a fairly decent-size cast-iron domed oven. Place coals or briquettes on top of the oven for extra heat, and let the oven heat up a little before you start baking.

How much?


(Jimmy Kennedy)

Jimmy’s insight:

The Cook-It-All really is just that. There’s really not much you can’t cook or prepare with the Cook-It-All. I especially love the fact that by flipping the bottom (the skillet/wok/Dutch oven) over and setting it on top of the lid (the grill/griddle) you have a highly functioning oven. I’ve made pizzas, cornbread and biscuits and even roasted salmon and potatoes in the “oven.”

Another really cool and useful feature of the Cook-It-All is the heavy-duty stainless handles that fit into the heavy bottom piece as well as the grill/griddle to help maneuver it in and around the fire or for carrying it from the fire to a good serving area. The handles are designed to stay cool, but wearing gloves is a good idea. I’ve only used the Cook-It-All over open-fire campfires so far, but it works just as well over charcoal or even in the oven at home. We’ve used the large, round griddle to make pancakes for family and friends in our home kitchen several times.

If there’s a downside to the Cook-It-All, I would have to say that would be the weight. Altogether, the Cook-It-All weighs in at close to 30 pounds. This is not something you want to carry backpacking or schlep into a campsite that you’ll have to hike to for any distance. It’s cast iron and therefore heavy, but the versatility and functionality far outweigh the weight factor.

While the Cook-It-All might not be the easiest to lug into the backcountry, it certainly has its place around the campfire. Of all the many features, one of the most important ones to me is that it’s simply a lot of fun to cook with. Being able to bake with the kids outdoors is a huge plus, and so is making a quick stir fry in the “wok” or even being able to make pancakes in the backyard.

Cleaning the Cook-It-All is pretty much the same as with any good cast-iron cookware. Scrape out any remaining food from the wok piece or off the grill/griddle. The best tool for cleaning cast iron is a small, stiff, nylon brush, using hot water and even a small amount of detergent if necessary. Always dry cast iron well with a towel or paper towels. When it’s nice and dry and still warm, use a clean paper towel to rub a light coat of cooking oil onto the surfaces of the cast iron. Personally, I like to rub the oil on both the inside and outside of cast iron when cleaning.

The Cook-It-All is an outdoor cooking do-it-all. Its versatility and size make it great for big groups of friends and family, and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. Go outside and cook!

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