Gear Up: {KidORCA Wader Boots}

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

Take your kid’s water adventures to a whole new level with KidORCA over-the-knee, waterproof wader boots. With an array of colors and sizes US5 (18 months) to US3 (roughly 8 years), you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair for your child’s next water activity.

What sets it apart?
KidORCA’s over-the-knee, waterproof wader boots are specifically built for kids to explore. They provide breathable mobility, easy-to-use closure, and seam-sealed finishes to give kids the ultimate waterproof boots.

How do I use it?
Measure your child’s foot to find the right size. If in between sizes, order up to allow room for growth. Select your color and order. Once your kid’s boots arrive, slip them on and find some nearby water to test them out!

How much?

(Adventurnity Family)

Adventurtunity Family’s insight:
If there is a puddle, mud pit, stream, river, ocean or rainstorm, our son Kade somehow finds his way into it. We, of course, want to encourage his play and exploration, but it’s not always ideal having him, along with his shoes and clothes, wet. We were looking to get him a pair of rubber rain boots but knew they wouldn’t really keep him dry in larger bodies of water. While searching for kids’ waders, we found KidORCA over-the-knee boots and had to try them! Kade has loved them since day one, and we love how he can really be adventurous while staying dry, especially in the colder months. Plus, they clean up great, so we don’t worry about them getting muddy or dirty. Since Kade seems to find water wherever he goes, we typically keep his boots in the back of our vehicle for those impromptu opportunities for water fun!

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