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The Grizzly 20 Cooler is a sturdy and durable cooler that will keep your food and drinks perfectly chilled.

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By Jimmy Kennedy
Gear Up Ambassador

The Grizzly 20 Cooler is a sturdy and durable cooler that will keep your food and drinks perfectly chilled.

What sets it apart?

Grizzly coolers are not only designed to keep the sun away from your food and drink, but bears as well. That’s right; Grizzly puts its products through strict IGBC bear-resistance testing to ensure anything inside will be safe. Simply put, they will remain functional and maintain optimal performance even through the most extreme conditions.

The important thing with coolers is keeping your favorite beverages cold, and Grizzly coolers will keep ice the longest. When food and drinks need to stay cold through long trips and hot days, the Grizzly rotomolded coolers will get it done. The testing process includes a 90-degree, climate-controlled room and a cooler filled with ice cubes. The cooler is opened twice a day to monitor the ice levels, and frequency is increased as the ice is closer to being melted. They know exactly how long the cooler will keep ice.

By using rotational molding technology, Grizzly can ensure the coolers are built with the utmost consistency and will have a very true shape and high-quality body every time.

How do I use it?

A good cooler is one of the most important things for anyone who spends time outdoors. For a fisher packing a fresh catch off the water, a hunter bringing fresh game to the table, families going camping for the weekend or any other reason a cooler is needed, the Grizzly will get the job done.

The Grizzly 20 (G20) has an empty weight of about 16 pounds and has a 20-quart capacity. Its insulation is environmentally friendly and pressure-injected to maintain consistency. The lid features a molded-in hinge with a rubber gasket that will ensure a perfect seal every time. On the go? No worries. The cooler has 2-inch tie-down slots so you can easily strap it to the boat, in the back of the truck or on any all-terrain vehicle. Each Grizzly cooler comes with a lifetime warranty and, for anglers, a 17-inch ruler is embossed on top for quick measurements of fish. The G20 is only one of eight sizes available in the hard-sided lineup, and Grizzly offers nine colors.

How much?


Jimmy’s insight:

I have two Grizzly coolers that I have more than put to the test for work and for play. For my business, JDK BBQ Catering, I have total faith that whatever I pack the cooler with will be held at the correct and safe temperature and I will not have to consistently repack with ice or freezer blocks. The same is true when I use the coolers for cooking demonstrations for other companies or sponsors. To me, the peace of mind these coolers offer, whether it’s for work or a weekend picnic with the family, is worth every penny.

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