Gear Up: {Garmin RV 780 & Traffic GPS}

Garmin’s newly launched RV 780 offers a complete game-changing experience for campers and RV-goers as they plan and navigate their road trips.

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

What is it?

Garmin has continually set the bar for leading technology and in-depth information for global positioning systems (GPS). And now the company has taken its products a step further to provide niche motorists specific and pertinent information for their unique travel requirements beyond just routing, speed limits and traffic.

Garmin’s newly launched RV 780 offers a complete game-changing experience for campers and RV-goers as they plan and navigate their road trips.

What sets it apart?

The RV 780’s 6.95-inch navigator touch-screen display is not only easy to see, but easy to use. It can be mounted in a variety of ways and offers unique features such as custom RV routes based on the specific size, weight and height of your RV or boat. And the best part is you can save different profiles for your vehicles or trailers. In addition to in-depth traffic reports and rerouting options, you can now know what to expect ahead with alerts for steep grades, sharp curves, elevation changes, weight limits and more. And possibly the most helpful of all is the ability to find gas stations that fit your rig, including distance to the gas station.

It will also provide locations on restaurants, dump stations and RV parks and campgrounds. The Garmin RV 780 offers camp information from KOA, Ultimate Public Campgrounds, iOverlander and PlanRV that you can search by price and amenities.

Includes a directory of RV parks and services plus additional campground directories.

How do I use it?

Upon receiving your Garmin RV 780 unit, you will want to spend some time getting to know the system and putting in your specific information prior to hitting the road. To do so, you will need to connect it to the internet to upload and save your information. Be sure to enter your vehicle and RV/trailer specifics as well as addresses and points of interest as you build your route. It’s a great idea to use your Garmin RV 780 around town a few times with your everyday vehicle to get to know the system better. Once you are ready to start your road trip, mount your Garmin securely and within arm’s reach for ease of use while traveling. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to an hour of operation, but it also comes with a 12-volt power cord to keep your Garmin charged for longer road trips.

It even has hands-free operation with voice control and calling!

How much?


Custom routing takes into account the size and weight of your RV to find the most efficient route.

Adventurtunity Family insight:

Our family introduced us to the Garmin RV 780 upon using it during their trek from the East Coast to the West Coast to join us at Glacier National Park for the summer. They raved about how helpful it was, especially for finding gas stations as they got farther West and the gas stations got farther apart! They also loved the campground location feature when they had to make a last-minute change in their plans. We’ve been traveling together for several weeks and have gotten to see firsthand how incredible this GPS unit is. As a result, we are seriously considering getting one for ourselves. Currently, we use a handful of apps on our cellphone when driving, but this all-inclusive RV 780 seems to be everything we could need while traveling the country full time. And the large touch screen makes it easier to see and use versus a cellphone. Our son loves to watch the speed limit display and call out when you’re speeding as it puts a red box around your speed when it exceeds the posted limit. There are so many useful and informative features on this GPS that it really helps you focus on driving and arriving at your next destination.

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