Gear Up: {Decathlon Quechua 2 Second Easy Fresh & Black Pop Up Camping Tent}

Ease the stress of setting up camp with this simple pop up camping tent.

Gear Up
By Courtney Johnson
Gear Up Ambassador

Let’s face it: The mere thought of camping can bring up a lot of anxiety even for experienced campers. From packing up your vehicle to meal planning, it can all be overwhelming. The act of setting up camp (and breaking it down) is enough to dissuade people from even wanting to camp in the first place.
Even as seasoned campers, we are always looking to make things easier and more efficient. Who doesn’t want to spend more time socializing and taking in the views instead of the mundane tasks of setting up camp? 

That’s why we were excited to test out the Decathlon Quechua 2 Second Easy Fresh & Black Pop Up Camping Tent for a few nights on a weekend camping trip to Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch in Red Feather Lakes, Colo. 

What is it?

Similar to most of today’s tents, Decathlon tents pack down to a pretty compact size for transport and storage. Throwing it in the truck, we had plenty of space for all the other camping essentials. 

About 30 minutes out from the campgrounds, we hit a rain squall. Looking at the radar on my phone, we knew it would be raining pretty heavily for at least another 45 minutes to an hour and then off and on most of the night. 

While the tent is called the Quechua 2 Second Easy, it did take more than two seconds to set up. But in a mere easy minute, the tent popped up after pressing the button. 

(Courtney Johnson)

What sets it apart?

The Quechua 2 Second Easy’s easy-up feature ended up being quite nice when we pulled into the campsite with rain coming down. This no-fuss tent sets it apart from the typical pole setup.

Additionally, the permanent fly on the tent is one less component to worry about during setup. Two side doors can be held open with toggles while two mechanical air vents help to keep the tent cooler. The patented Fresh & Black material keeps the tent cooler even in warm conditions by dissipating heat with the white outside and reflective layer. 

The Fresh & Black material also blocks out 99% of the light. The tent is 100% waterproof with the flysheet and inner tent and is made from 100% polyester cationic. In tests, the tent is rated up to 30-mph winds. 

Since the rainstorm lacked wind, we decided to stake the tent down after popping it up. I can see value in staking it down first, especially in breezy and windy conditions. But, the pop-up feature also makes the tent highly portable if you do need to move it. 

(Courtney Johnson)

How do I use it?

This tent is the ultimate car-camping tent, making quick weekend getaways a breeze. Even a one-night camping trip doesn’t seem so unnerving when you can set up a tent so quickly. At 10.4 pounds, it’s a bit heavy if you have a walk-in camp spot, but it comes with carrying straps if there is a bit of a walk from the car. 

A growing trend in the U.S., overlanders may rejoice with this product as well. It’s the perfect tent for more remote, off-the-grid camping. This tent sets up and breaks down quickly, making it a good choice versus the traditional rooftop tent. 

However, the designers are sure to mention that this is more of a tent for light usage, and it also should be stored properly inside. “Continuous exposure to UV light over a period of several weeks can damage its textile part,” says Decathlon. 

If you tend to have trouble falling asleep at night due to natural or artificial light, this tent is perfect with the blackout technology. It’s also great for those who tend to rise early due to light coming into the tent. Slumber longer and get in a perfect post-hike nap, even during the middle of the day! 

How much? 


(Courtney Johnson)

Courtney’s insight: 

I think the highlight of this tent is the quick setup and takedown. You simply have to remove it from the storage bag and extend the tent out. Push the button to pop it up, and remove tension in the button to take it down. It did take a bit of muscle to pop it up, so my 9-year-old daughter wasn’t able to pop it up without an extra hand.

One of the most debatable parts of this tent setup is that the fly is permanent. For me, this sets the tent apart because there is no additional fly to put up and over the tent. For short campers (like me) with T-rex-length arms, not having to try to get a fly up and over a tent is nice. It was also nice to keep the interior of the tent dry while setting it all up. 

Natural and artificial light always wakes me early when camping or makes it a bit harder to fall asleep. I quickly was in dreamland with the blackout technology, even though some friends were up for a bit after me. I couldn’t see any light from the campfire.

The Fresh & Black technology held heat in as well. My daughter commented that she was warm the two nights while camping in just basic pajamas and a sleeping bag. I noticed I didn’t need to bundle up like I typically do. 

When it comes to car camping (and our old bones), we use air mattresses for comfort and warmth. There was none of the condensation buildup in the tent in the morning that we often have with other tents we have used. That meant everything in the tent remained dry, from our sleeping bags to other gear.

While the zippers seem to be a cool feature, creating space between the ground and the flysheet, our 2-year-old Aussiedoodle found she could easily open the tent up with her nose. If you have a sneaky pup, be sure you have a plan for when they get out. At least ours wasn’t up before the sun, but she was still out of the tent at 5:15 a.m. Thankfully, we had a group with us with multiple sites tucked away from others, so her escaping wasn’t too much of an issue. 

Getting into a pitch-black tent was a bit of an adjustment at first. I was happy that we situated some lanterns above us in the handy mesh pocket and gear hooks. 

We didn’t get to test the wind rating while camping, but the rain held pretty steady from late afternoon when we got to the campsite until early the next morning. The 100% polyester cationic kept us comfortable and dry through the night.

I also appreciate Decathlon’s commitment to the environment, with great warranties and replaceable parts. They also commit to using less water by not dyeing the fabric and leaving it in its natural state. 

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