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City Bonfire is a portable and reusable bonfire that can be used at all of your outdoor gatherings and adventures.

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By Adventurtunity Family
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City Bonfire is a portable and reusable bonfire that can be used at all of your outdoor gatherings and adventures. It was created by two city dads who saw a need for outdoor family connectivity and experiences while staying home during a difficult time. And what better way to connect and make memories with family and friends than around a bonfire for ambiance, warmth or s’mores-making fun!

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What sets it apart?

City Bonfires are environmentally friendly, consisting of a 4- x 2-inch round, metal tin. The tin contains nontoxic soy wax and four square briquettes. Unlike other soy wax products, the City Bonfire’s surface becomes the entire flame, creating a reusable mini bonfire heat source and perfectly portable fire for making s’mores.

How do I use it?

For outdoor use only, City Bonfires can burn for 3 to 4 hours. Be cautious any time you’re using an open flame, and read the instructions carefully prior to lighting. You’ll want to place your City Bonfire in an outdoor location where it will remain for the duration of the time using it. Remove the lid and light each corner briquette with a torch or fire lighter. Using matches is not advised. The City Bonfire’s metal tin will become very hot while in use. If you plan to make s’mores, let your City Bonfire burn for at least 20 minutes prior. To put out your City Bonfire’s flame, slide the lid over the top and close. Remember, the metal tin will be very hot! Refrain from touching it with your hands.

How much?


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Adventurtunity Family’s insight:

Camping, campfires and making s’mores pretty much go hand in hand, but surprisingly, we have come across numerous campgrounds that do not allow wood-burning fires. Many campgrounds allow propane fires; however, propane burners tend to be rather large and heavy, so we do not travel with one. That makes City Bonfires perfect for us and those nights when all we want to do is hang outside around the fire. It’s easy to store and easy to use. We’ve even used ours at a few tailgates with family and friends. Definitely take note of the directions. The first time we used our City Bonfire was for s’mores. We placed all the s’mores fixings around our City Bonfire, which worked out well … till it was time to clean up and we realized all the chocolate had melted onto our City Bonfire’s tin. Beyond camping, these are also awesome for having a bonfire on rooftop decks and backyard patios.

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