Gear Up: {Chard Game Processing Knife Set}

The Chard Game Processing Knife Set is much more than its name says; it’s the ultimate knife set for all your outdoor adventures.

Gear Up
By Justin Brouillard, & Jimmy Kennedy
Gear Up Ambassadors

What is it?

If you spend any time in the outdoors, chances are you will need a knife. Whether you’re camping, fishing or hunting, a knife is a key component in the packing list. The Chard Game Processing Knife Set is much more than its name says; it’s the ultimate knife set for all your outdoor adventures.

What sets it apart?

First off, the price of this kit speaks for itself. The key knives for game processing and filleting fish are included, and the carrying case is perfect for throwing into the truck or the camping box, or tossing in your backpack for a long hike.

The kit is light, compact, portable and ideal for use in the home and field. The blades are made with high-quality stainless steel, and the handles are designed with ergonomic anti-slip grips to make sure you are comfortable even during long periods of use.

How do I use it?

With all the knives one would need in one box, simply pack the kit for any outdoor adventure and bring your filleting or butchering process with you on the go. With all the outdoor cooking options available, there is no better time to try out a catch-and-cook at the lake.

The kit includes the following items:

  • Caping Knife — Mainly used for caping out a fresh harvest, the caping knife can double for many other things as needed. In the field, it’s perfect for chopping veggies, whittling down a marshmallow stick for s’mores or anything else around the campsite.
  • Fillet Knife — This one speaks for itself. The fillet knife is key whenever a catch-and-cook is planned or someone brings home a fresh catch to be filleted/gutted.
  • Gut-Hook Skinner — Another knife designed for processing wild game, the skinner knife does exactly what it says and more. Around the home or camp, it’s another solid option for cutting vegetables and preparing a meal.
  • Bone Saw — The bone saw is a great tool that doesn’t get as much use as the rest, but it’s great for both processing game and trimming saplings. Whether you are cutting some sticks for making s’mores, trimming brush from a hunting blind or using it to process freshly harvested game, the bone saw can be very helpful.
  • Ribcage Spreader — Although there are not many uses other than its intended use, the ribcage spreader fits tightly in the carrying case out of the way until it’s needed.
  • Game Cleaning Gloves — Sometimes, gloves are just necessary. The kit comes with enough to get you started processing game or filleting fish. The bag can be refilled as needed for use on the go.
  • Hard-Sided Carrying Case — One of the best parts of the kit, the rugged carrying case holds all of the above safely in one small pack, making it easy to transport on any adventure.

How much?


Outdoorsman’s insight:

There are many processing kits on the market that vary in price, and the Chard kit is easily the best value for multiuse purposes. Including the five most essential pieces of cutlery for processing game such as whitetails, turkeys, rabbits and others, as well as a fillet knife for fresh fish, this kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift for someone on a budget or Christmas present to add to any outdoorsman’s list. At that price point, having multiple kits packed ready at all times is a possibility, and with proper care and sharpening, they will last for years to come. The one piece that may be lacking in this kit is a cutting board for on-the-go scenarios, but for processing larger game, a larger cutting board would be needed anyway.

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