Gear Up: {Breeo Fire Pit}

Jimmy Kennedy reviews the Breeo Fire Pit.

Gear Up
By Jimmy Kennedy
Gear Up Ambassador

Breeo built the first smokeless fire pit in 2011 and all of their fire pits and other products are made in their shop in Lancaster, Pa.

What sets it apart?
Breeo Fire Pits are constructed with a double-wall, secondary combustion design which makes it practically smokeless. Basically, the design of the fire pit causes the smoke to reburn and makes for a more enjoyable experience around the backyard campfire, especially with kids.

(Jimmy Kennedy)

How do I use it?
The fire pits come ready to use. Just start a fire in the middle of the fire pit using starter material, paper or tinder, surrounded by kindling. Light the starter material and add kindling to the fire as fire starts to burn. Logs 3 to 4 inches are recommended for the fuel wood. When the fire is hot and is completely going, spread the hot coals and most of the fire directly to the walls. This will help reduce the smoke even more. Once you have a good, solid heat fire, it’s time to break out the s’mores or whatever is on the menu for the next meal.

How much?
Breeo has a range of fire pit models and sizes starting at $399.

Jimmy’s insight:
When I first unpacked the Breeo it was very obvious that it was well-built. I also really liked the fact that it was ready to “fire up” right out of the box. The addition of the Outpost Grill Grate seems to be necessary if you plan on cooking on the fire pit but even the rim acts as a griddle and is actually meant to be used as such. I grilled burgers on the grill and then seared them on the rim with amazing results. The grill cleans up easily and because they’re practically smokeless they can be used in backyards from rural to suburban. In my opinion, to be able to enjoy the ambiance of a real campfire in your backyard that is safe, won’t smoke out the neighbors and that you can cook everything from a full meal to s’mores on, the Breeo is something we all need.

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