Gear Up: {Blackstone Griddle}

Blackstone Products’ innovative line of flat top griddles and accessories have changed the way people cook when spending time outdoors.

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

Blackstone Products is not only about cooking outside, but being able to cook everything outside! With the goal of bringing family and friends together, their innovative line of flat top griddles and accessories has changed the way people cook when spending time outdoors.

What sets it apart?

The Blackstone Griddle turns up the heat (literally) on outdoor cooking. If you can cook it on a grill, you can cook it on a Blackstone Griddle … along with so much more! From pancakes to steaks, veggies to rice and tacos to tuna melts, the possibilities go on forever! With innovative features like precision temperature control, a patented rear grease management system and optional air fryers, it’s as enjoyable to cook the food as it is to eat it! And cleanup is a snap so you can get right back to enjoying time with your friends and family.

How do I use it? 

If you like to cook, you’ll love a Blackstone Griddle. It’s as simple as cranking up the burners, setting your temp and letting your inner chef run wild as you prepare meals morning, noon and night! Once you’re done making culinary magic, scrape it clean, give it a quick coat of cooking oil and it will be ready and waiting for your next meal.

How much?

$130 – $600

Adventurtunity Family Insight:

We upgraded our small camp grill to a 22” Blackstone Griddle, and it has been so much fun to create meals on it! It’s so much more versatile than the grill, in that we can cook everything from pancakes and bacon to steaks and veggies. And everything tastes so good! We also got the adjustable stand so even if the ground isn’t level, we can still use our griddle since all four legs are adjustable. Cleanup is super simple, which we love. And it breaks down so that it easily fits in the storage compartment of our RV, which is hugely important to us. We can’t believe we did not upgrade sooner!

Where to buy:

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