Gear Up: {Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z Trekking Poles}

Hiking poles that are lightweight and fold up easily are qualities needed when taking long hiking trips.

Gear Up
By Allyson Shulte
Gear Up Ambassador

What is it?

For hiking enthusiasts who want lightweight and packable hiking poles, look no further than the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z Trekking Poles.

What sets it apart?

These four-season trekking poles are durable, lightweight and comfortable to hold in your hand. They are made of a 100% carbon fiber shaft topped with a 100% cork grip (with EVA foam grip extension) and a comfort strap for extra support. The Z-pole design allows these to fold up not only easily, but quickly and compactly! When expanded into hiking mode, these poles stay stiff and provide incredible support on the trail.

How do I use it?

The Z-pole design allows each trekking pole to fold into thirds. To expand the poles, start by unfolding them and straightening them out. Pull the cork handle upward until you hear the button click, and the pole will lock into place. To break them down, push down on the button and collapse. When folded, the poles clip into the Powder basket to keep them compact for storing and packing (I love this feature!). 

How much?


Allyson’s insight:

I’ve tried a few different options for trekking poles over the years, but these have been my favorite by far! They are so lightweight and easy to pack down, you barely even notice them in your backpack. Since they fold into thirds, I can even fit them nicely inside my smaller 10L hiking pack. Pay attention to the sizing as these poles are not adjustable and are one set length when straightened into hiking mode (determined by your height). I view this as an added bonus, because you don’t have to worry about adjusting your poles to find the right length. 

More information:

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