Gear Up: {Battle Born Lithium-Ion Batteries}

These batteries are amazing and have really given us the freedom to be in amazing places for longer periods of time!

Gear Up
By Adventurtunity Family
Gear Up Ambassador

If you love boondocking and spending time outdoors well away from the power grid, you need a solid battery setup to keep your essentials powered up. Lead-acid and AGM battery systems just don’t cut it anymore, and that’s where Battle Born comes in. Battle Born’s industry-leading LiFePO4battery technology packs big power into a smaller, lighter package and allows you to operate off grid much more efficiently. Battle Born batteries can even give you power to spare by connecting to a solar array with a proper solar charger. Get out there. Stay out there. 

What sets it apart?

Battle Born batteries have a long list of advantages over lead-acid batteries. They are significantly lighter, which means a lot to anyone who likes to camp and get off grid. They provide more usable power and are completely maintenance free. Battle Born batteries are sealed, which means they can be mounted in any orientation, even in living spaces, as they do not off-gas like lead-acid batteries do. They recharge faster, can be discharged down to 0% without damage and have a far greater lifespan in terms of charging cycles. And while they are a significant up-front investment, the usable power and cost over time ends up being highly favorable. Battle Born offers a wide variety of battery sizes and power ratings, which gives you the ability to fit them into any space and build your system over time.

How do I use it? 

Replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries isn’t quite as simple as “out with the old, in with the new” as the charging requirements are different for each one. So, it’s best to have a professional install them. But once they are in, you use your system as you normally would with the exception of eliminating your maintenance routine and recharging less frequently.

How much?

$799.00 to $2,359.00

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Adventurtunity Family’s insight:

We found out in our first year of full-time RV living that we really love boondocking! But, the lead-acid house batteries on our rig were poorly maintained by the previous owner and were pretty much shot. That meant we had to run our generator to have power, which uses fuel and made us the noisy people in the beautiful, scenic places we stayed. Knowing that we wanted to boondock a lot more in our second year, we upgraded our system significantly with three Battle Born GC3 LiFePO4 batteries and WOW, what a difference! Coupled with a Victron 3000W inverter charger, we can now operate unplugged for days before needing to recharge. We don’t have solar yet, but we only need to run the generator for a couple of hours to bring the batteries back up to full charge. We can even use our microwave and one of our AC units on our new Battle Born battery setup. These batteries are amazing and have really given us the freedom to be in amazing places for longer periods of time!

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