Gear Up: {AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press}

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle.

Gear Up
By Justin Brouillard
Gear Up Ambassador

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle. It gives coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee anywhere they want.

What sets it apart?
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make a rich, flavorful cup of coffee on the go with very easy cleanup? The AeroPress Go comes in a complete package with all of the accessories (scoop, filter, holder and stirrer) fit inside the mug for traveling.

How do I use it?
It reminds me of a cross between a French press and a pour-over model, but is much quicker. A microfilter is placed in a cap that is then attached to the chamber. Grounds are placed in the chamber, and hot or room-temperature water is then poured over the grounds, depending on whether you are making hot or cold brew. The plunger is then inserted and slowly pressed until you reach the grounds. Drink as-is for espresso or add hot water for American-style or ice water for cold brew. To clean up, simply remove the cap and press the plunger to remove the grounds. The AeroPress Go comes with detailed instructions, and the website has step-by-step instructions as well as demo videos.

How much?

Justin’s insight:
The first thing I thought of when I saw the AeroPress Go was that this may be the ticket for not having to drink hotel coffee when on the road. I found it extremely easy to use, and it more than lived up to its promise of a rich cup of coffee. Using the same process as a French press, all of the grounds are totally immersed in water, which results in an incredible cup of coffee. I also really appreciate the fact that you can make American-style, espresso-style or cold brew coffee with the AeroPress Go.

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