A Durable Cooler Matters

You will likely put your go-to cooler through a lot of difficult tests. Grizzly coolers are built to withstand just about any situation you throw it in.

Gear Up

“One thing I love about Grizzly coolers is how dang tough they are,” Grizzly ambassador Anthony Dear writes. 

“How durable are Grizzly Coolers? Let me tell you a few things – my G40 has been knocked around, dropped off the edge of picnic tables, and lost off the back of my ATV. The lid always stays secure, and besides a few bumps and bruises, IT HAS ENDURED. It still looks almost new after 4 years of abuse in the wild.”

Dear lists the four things a Grizzly cooler can’t survive: 18-wheelers, bulldozers, nuclear explosions and Texas chainsaw massacres. 

The 18-wheeler is where he has the most experience.

On his way to Minnesota, Dear shares he was driving up I-35 to his favorite fishing destination. His kayak, gear and Grizzly 40 were loaded up in the truck and ready to roll. All was well, except for the moment he realized he forgot something. 

“Wait, I strapped it down, right? Did I?”

“First I heard a scraping sound, then I looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see my tailgate lying open and my lime green G40 bouncing off the highway and right into the path of an 18 wheeler. No joke, the cab of the semi was also lime green! This encounter was, unfortunately, meant to be. I mean, I didn’t even close the tailgate! “Cmon!”

Dear’s lime green G40 did not survive rolling underneath all of the truck’s 18 wheels on the interstate. 

“It was totally mutilated. There was green alien-looking shrapnel, hot dogs, beer cans, Ice Amps, and a weekend’s worth of fishing dreams cast all over the road. When I went back for the cooler, because Grizzly’s are worth going back for, I had to walk a quarter-mile to find all the pieces. NOT COOL!”

So the 18-wheeler makes the top of the list. 

Another customer review on Grizzly’s website says the owner backed over their G40 with a not-18-wheeler-truck and it survived. 

Grizzly coolers are IGBC Bear Resistant which means it can handle the force of a bear trying  to open it, and the secret to the Grizzly coolers durability is in the rock-solid durability from its Rotomolding process.

The idea is that your cooler should be able to survive just about anything you put it through, and keep your food, drinks and other items cold. According to most of the reviews, these coolers do just that. 

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