Covid And Catching Bass


Writer Laura Bartolozzi’s family caught the virus and made fishing a part of their quarantine recovery.

So, my family managed to catch a little more than just fish this past week. Instead of reeling in a large mouth, we managed to snag the infamous COVID-19. All 4 of us. 

My husband came home from a trip and kept mentioning he felt “run down.” I naturally chalked it up to “man flu” and didn’t pay much attention. Over the course of the next few days, however, his fever spiked to 104 degrees, he wasn’t getting better, and he lost his taste and smell. I sent him to the clinic and of course his COVID test came back positive. One of those tests you would really rather not pass. I tried to keep our girls away from daddy the best I could, but it wasn’t long until our 2 year old spiked a fever. Shortly after that, I got the chills and a fever, and I also lost my taste and smell. Finally, I guess our 4 month old was feeling left out because she was the last one to contract the virus. Here we were, all stuck together, feeling miserable. 

After we had all been sick for about 3 days, we started to see the light. With some great medicine, vitamins, tons of water and rest, we were able to get through the worst of it. While we didn’t quite feel like celebrating just yet, we did have a little energy and a lot of motivation to get out of our house. No amount of cleaning and disinfecting can make you feel truly clean when everyone in your home is sick, so getting out was mandatory. 

We couldn’t be around other people of course, but staring at the same four walls in our home was driving us mad. So, we did what came natural to us . . . we went fishing. 

We stayed close and just went to our local lake, packed some simple snacks for our 2 year old, and left the “infirmary” for a glorious 3 hour outing. It wasn’t much, but by God it is what we needed. 

Being able to get outside, away from other humans, with just our own little COVID crew was such a blessing. It was the perfect change of scenery we all needed. Mom and dad got a break from screaming kiddos, we all got a good boost of vitamin D, and there’s something mood-boosting about landing some largemouth bass! We even got our toddler in on the action when we showed her how to reel in her fish. Each time we released a catch, she would sweetly say “bye fish” and wave goodbye. Even though we were all not feeling our absolute best, we still managed to capture some pretty cute memories together.

With COVID-19 being as contagious as it is, and with so many unknown variables, we are truly blessed that each of us did just fine getting through this nasty mess. But, having the ability to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful transitional Texas weather we’d been having, even while not feeling 100%, somehow just made everything better.

We are now 12 days past our initial positive COVID tests and everyone is doing great. No fevers for the kiddos and Layla, our 2 year old, is back to constantly asking to go on “outside walks.” My husband and I feel much better as well, aside from our inability to still not be able to taste or smell anything. Hopefully that changes soon, because we’re really looking forward to all of those Fall smells right around the corner!

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