Summer Adventures For Kids

Summer is here, and that means children are spending more time at home. Here are seven simple adventures – guaranteed to excite your family by spending time outside.

By Corey Hunt
Explore Ambassador

Summer is upon us, bringing with it warmer temperatures that could drive kids indoors. Pools are a great option for burning energy in hot weather, but sometimes kids crave an adventure. These adventures don’t have to break the bank to be enjoyable. With a little planning, the following seven simple adventures are sure to burn energy and leave kids craving more adventure.


Local Ropes Courses

My kids love to climb trees, so a local ropes course just seemed like the next natural progression. Even if kids start out timid, most courses offer gradual height increases as the course unfolds and kids don’t even notice how high they are climbing. For timid or young climbers, start out with ground-level courses and small playgrounds so even younger siblings can be included.


Whitewater Rafting

For older kids seeking an adrenaline rush, look no further than a whitewater rafting trip. Most rafting companies have a weight limit, so be sure to check with them prior to booking the trip. Rafting trips are great because most rivers run cold even in the middle of summer, so if you happen to fall overboard, it can be quite refreshing.


Tubing Down A River

If your child is too small for rafting, check out tubing down a local river. The water is cool, and since the river is moving, the scenery is always changing, leaving boredom to a minimum. Also, tubing is good for children of all ages and adventure levels. The small kids always have the option to walk around the fast water, and the big kids like the rush of running the small rapids.



Instead of boating around a local lake, try paddleboarding out this summer. Not only is it a great core workout, but it is a fun and relaxing way to see the lakes. Paddleboards have come a long way in recent years, and some come outfitted with fishing rod holders, built-in coolers and even attachable motors. 


Trail Riding

Instead of walking around the woods this summer, try riding through it on horseback. Trail rides not only provide a different view of the woods, but also allow riders to cover more ground and see sections of the woods they may not otherwise hike. Also, who doesn’t love those furry equine friends? No horse experience is needed for most beginner trail rides, but some may have a weight or age requirement.


Overnight Backpacking Trip

If you are trying to beat the heat this summer, head to the mountains for a backpacking trip. Most times, the mountains are cooler than lower elevations, and kids as young as 3 can walk a mile to a backcountry camping spot — just take your time! If the weight of the pack has you concerned, practice around your neighborhood. Also, cut some weight by packing dehydrated food and invest in a water purifier so you don’t have to pack as much on your back. 


Fishing Trip

My kids love fishing year-round, but there is something about fishing for bluegill with crickets in the summer that is hard to beat. Younger kids are capable of watching a bobber, and bluegill can’t resist a cricket in the summer. Also, fishing a new body of water can be quite an adventure, even if the fishing isn’t on point. 

Summer adventures can happen close to home and include the whole family, including young kids. It’s never too early to start allowing kids to explore nature and develop their sense of adventure. Try out the above summer activities, and enjoy creating your own summer adventures! 

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