A Day Out{side} Kayaking Antelope Canyon

By Adventurtunity Family
Explore Ambassador

We met up with some family friends for a Day Out{side} adventure in Page, Arizona. We started out renting kayaks from Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks, loaded them up and jumped on the water for a 2.5-mile paddle. 

The scenery on the lake was amazing, and some ducks even came by to say hi! We paddled into Antelope Canyon until the water met the land. After a quick lunch, we continued on foot. The kids chased lizards and explored cracks and caves as we worked our way into the canyon. Formed from countless years of wind and water erosion, the canyon walls were breathtaking. And as the walls got closer together, the twists and turns became even cooler! 

We jumped back on the water and raced the clock to return our kayaks before the last pickup of the day, only to find out we were actually early. Page is very close to the Utah border, and Arizona does not recognize daylight saving time, so be sure to set your watch accordingly when spending time in this area!

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