A Day Out{side} Hiking to Avalanche Lake, Montana

By Adventurtunity Family
Explore Ambassador

There are countless hikes in Glacier National Park, but the one we were most looking forward to was the Avalanche Lake hike. The trailhead is right off the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and the hike begins with a boardwalk trek through the Trail of the Cedars. This beautiful forest feels like you’re walking through a set from The Lord of the Rings.

After enjoying the cedars, we then headed up the mountain on the trail to Avalanche Lake. The first part of the trail follows a cascading river that provides places to sit and enjoy the views as well as incredible background ambiance while hiking along. The almost 6-mile round-trip trail to the lake winds up the mountain, through various terrain and forestry, and the views that can be seen through the trees are awe-inspiring! After hiking for about 3 miles, Avalanche Lake appears, seemingly out of nowhere. The emerald color of the water and mountain backdrop are enough to stop you in your tracks. There are plenty of beachy areas to hang out, have a picnic and enjoy one of the most beautiful lakes in Glacier National Park. It’s a great place to spend a day out{side}.

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