A Day Out{side} Exploring White Pocket, Utah

By Adventurtunity Family
Explore Ambassador

We took a day outside to explore an otherworldly place in southern Utah called White Pocket. The road to get there is 20 miles of high-clearance 4×4 terrain, but once you arrive, you are treated to some of the most incredible and crazy rock formations you could ever see. The landscape of orange, tan and yellow rock looks like a scoop of ice cream, plopped and swirled with an ice cream scoop, made solid. There is so much to explore, and part of the fun is just trying to see what kinds of different shapes you can find in the rocks. The area is most commonly known for The Wave, which uses a permitted lottery system to visit. Permits are very hard to come by, which makes White Pocket a highly coveted destination for folks attempting to see The Wave since White Pocket is just as impressive and there’s no lottery! It does get a little windy out there, but you could spend hours roaming around and taking cool photos. We had so much fun exploring and even took our pup out to enjoy this incredible place. If you happen to be in the area without a 4×4 vehicle, be sure to look up some of the tour companies that will take you there. It’s a tough road, but so worth it!

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