Shanty Sushi With Jimmy Kennedy

By Jimmy Kennedy, & Justin Brouillard
Cook Ambassadors

This recipe is more of an idea than an actual recipe. My family and I eat a fair amount of sushi and sashimi at home, and I was thinking that this would be an easy and tasty way to create a snack on the ice using the freshest fish possible. While this isn’t exactly sushi, it’s a great way to enjoy a quick and creative snack next time you’re on the ice … as long as the fish are biting.


4 nori sheets (sushi seaweed) 7” x 8”

2 tea bags (oolong, jasmine, Earl Grey or your favorite)

1/2 lb. fresh fish fillets, cut into four equal pieces

4 skewers

A pot

1/4 cup cheddar cheese, grated

Optional: wasabi, soy sauce, rice


Fill a small pot halfway full with water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to a simmer and add the tea bags. Gently thread the fish onto the four skewers, leaving at least a couple of inches on each end of the skewer open. The idea is to have most of the fish directly over the tea and cooked evenly by the steam. Next, place the skewers over the simmering tea, resting each end of the skewer on the top edges of the pot. If they don’t all fit at once, do a couple at a time. Move the skewers as necessary so that the fish is thoroughly cooked, which will only take a few minutes. When the fish is done, take a sheet of nori and form it into a triangle. If you’re adding wasabi or rice, place them in the middle of the nori, then sprinkle a small amount of the grated cheddar on top. Take a skewer by the end and lay the fish directly on top of the cheddar. Remove the skewer by pulling it toward you while gently squeezing the nori in your other hand. Finish the roll by folding one side of the nori over the other. The heat will seal the roll. Repeat until all four rolls are done. Pass the “shanty sushi” around and enjoy!

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