Campfire Ham And Cheese With Jimmy Kennedy

By Jimmy Kennedy, & Justin Brouillard
Cook Ambassadors

This classic favorite just got a million times tastier.

What you need 4 slices of your favorite bread sliced thin, sandwich-style or four slices of loaf bread 4 slices of quality smoked ham 4 slices of cheddar, grated or sliced 1 apple, sliced 3 or 4 tablespoons of unsalted butter One of the many things I like about this recipe is that you can prep the whole sandwich ahead of time at the house. At camp, start by building a nice hot fire and let it burn down until you have coals before you start to cook. When you have a good bed of coals, set the cast iron pan on the grate. Add the prepped sandwiches, or place one slice of bread for each sandwich in the pan, then add the ham and cheese. Top with the other slices of bread. Let cook for another minute or two. Very carefully, using tongs or a spatula, flip the sandwich over and cook for another 12 minutes or until both sides are golden brown and the cheese has started to melt.

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