Best Portable Grills For Camping
Lakeside Breakfast With Jimmy Kennedy
Simple 7: Best Ways To Make Coffee Outdoors
Simple 7: Camp Cooking Essentials
Making Hobo Packs With Jimmy Kennedy
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Best Portable Grills For Camping

There are so many great portable grills available today that will fit the needs of almost any occasion, but Chef Jimmy Kennedy has made a go-to list for charcoal, propane and wood grills.

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The Simple 7 Steps to help you cook outside

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Seven methods to help you make the “perfect” cup of coffee outdoors.

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Preparing Fresh Catch Lakeside

by Justin Brouillard


Catching a few panfish or small trout usually makes a child happy, but the question parents face a lot from kids is, “Can we eat it?” Here’s how to prepare your fresh catch lakeside.

Campfire Cookie Bake With The Hunts

by Corey Hunt, & Philip Hunt


A fun twist on the s’more– pull out the Dutch oven and change up your campsite dessert with this S’more Cookie Bake recipe. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

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    Jimmy Kennedy


    Jimmy Kennedy is a chef as well as a professional angler. Kennedy and his daughter, June, host their own cooking show focusing on bringing viewers into the heart of the home – the kitchen. {read more}

    Justin Brouillard


    Justin is an avid angler and content creation specialist with a major passion for the outdoors.

    Philip Hunt


    Philip Hunt grew up exploring the outdoors in any way possible. Thanks to his parents, uncles, and family friends, he is just as comfortable kayaking whitewater rapids as tying microscopic flies for fly-fishing. Philip’s wife, Corey, shares in the love of outdoor adventure. Together they raise two children with the goal of instilling a lifelong […]

    Corey Hunt


    Corey Hunt is an award-winning freelance outdoor writer and photographer from the upstate of South Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her work has appeared in publications such as Dun Magazine, South Carolina Wildlife, and other online publications. More on Corey’s writing can be found on the blog she writes with […]

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