Helpful Tools To Have At Camp

These seven tools provide a way to simplify a camping trip and packing list without breaking the bank.

By Corey Hunt
Camp Ambassador


Hatchets can be very versatile around camp. Besides chopping wood, they can also be used like a hammer while using the flat side of the poll. We use our hatchet to hammer tent pegs into the hard-packed ground.


Fire Starters Or Waterproof Matches

Fire starters are an easy and fun way to spark a fire. They can keep older kids and adults entertained around the fire and are useful in cold-weather situations. Along with waterproof matches, fire starters should be included in your outdoor first aid kit. Waterproof matches are coated in a material similar to wax that prevents moisture from seeping in when stored. Many companies boast they can be lit underwater, but I have not tried this yet.


Paracord And Duct Tape

These two items usually end up in the bottom of our camping bucket but are so nice to have when needed. We use paracord to hang food and trash out of reach of woodland creatures at camp. Duct tape comes in handy to repair our mesh tent door when our dog decides it needs a doggy door entrance, or any other holes in the tent.


Water Filter

Water filters come in many varieties, from pumps to bottles to straws. They are easily packable and most are easy to use. By pushing the water through the filter, almost any stream water can be filtered to drink. These filters can provide peace of mind on any camping trip.


Multitool With A Can Opener

Most multitools come equipped with an assortment of useful tools for camp, like pliers and a knife, but we always seem to forget a can opener in our camp kitchen. Multitools are another outdoor gadget that is fun for all ages, and it can cut down on the amount of equipment you bring to camp.


Cutting Boards

We love our cutting boards from Outdoor Edge. They are lightweight and easy to clean. They also allow for easy meal prep at camp.



No matter the season, these bug repellents are on our table at camp. They have minimal odor and allow us a bug-free mealtime without the bug spray. The Thermacell we use has a built-in lantern for extra light and will keep mosquitos at bay for up to 15 feet.

Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors with your family and friends. These seven tools provide a way to simplify a camping trip and packing list without breaking the bank.

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