Simple 7: Maintaining Your RV
Setting Up Your Campsite With Jim Sexton
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Simple 7: Maintaining Your RV

If you have the tools and the knowledge, doing your own RV maintenance can keep your money in your pocket where it can be better spent on your next adventure.

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Here are {Simple 7} camping meals you can take with you on your next trip! A variety of options, and easy to make – you won’t go hungry!

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Camping Confidential: Indian Pass Campground

by Candace Henderson


Candace Henderson recalls her stay at Indian Pass Campground. With a short drive to surrounding beach towns, and acting as a haven for native costal wildlife – Indian Pass might be the next destination for you and your family.

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    Camp Ambassadors

    We've found the best ambassadors to share their experiences and knowledge with you

    Corey Hunt


    Corey Hunt is an award-winning freelance outdoor writer and photographer from the upstate of South Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her work has appeared in publications such as Dun Magazine, South Carolina Wildlife, and other online publications. More on Corey’s writing can be found on the blog she writes with […]

    Adventurtunity Family


    Spencer, Kristi, Kade, and Ruko Blu asked themselves one simple question. “If you had everything you needed to make a change, would you?” This question not only put them on the spot to realize that they did indeed have what they needed to make a change, but it also propelled them to sell it all and embark on […]

    Courtney Johnson


    Courtney Johnson is a book author, freelance writer and teacher based in Erie, CO. Most of her days are spent chasing her 7-year-old daughter on hiking trails, down the hills on a mountain bike and up climbing routes. You can follow her adventures at:

    Philip Hunt


    Philip Hunt grew up exploring the outdoors in any way possible. Thanks to his parents, uncles, and family friends, he is just as comfortable kayaking whitewater rapids as tying microscopic flies for fly-fishing. Philip’s wife, Corey, shares in the love of outdoor adventure. Together they raise two children with the goal of instilling a lifelong […]

    Michelle Van Deusen


    Michelle and her husband are working their way through the national parks with their two children, now ages 15 and 9. They travel in a truck while towing a pop up and spend an average of 70 nights a year camping. Currently they have visited 51/63 national parks, which represents the entire lower 48 US […]

    Jim Sexton


    Jim is the long-time editor of and B.A.S.S. social media. Jim grew up in Knoxville, Tenn., camping, hiking and kayaking in the Great Smoky Mountains, and later working in Yellowstone National Park. One of his bucket list items is to visit every National Park (17 checked off so far). He loves sharing outdoor adventures […]

    Joe Sills


    Joe Sills is an award-winning explorer and journalist who kicked off his career with a solo, cross-country road trip of America in a tent. He’s charbroiled gas station burritos over an open fire in Utah and cooked with a Swedish countess in a medieval kitchen. He’s shared the table of a Chinese billionaire in a subterranean […]

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