Justin Brouillard

Justin Brouillard

Justin is an avid angler and content creation specialist with a major passion for the outdoors.

Justin grew up in a small town in Central Vermont, where he partook in any outdoor activity available. Hunting and fishing have played a huge role in Justin’s life, and he still appreciates any opportunity he gets to do either. Years ago, he started photographing brook trout in streams, wild turkey or whitetail deer (when his hunting trip was successful) and, of course, largemouth and smallmouth bass, his “reel” passion.

When Justin got hold of a real camera several years ago, he fell in love. He began capturing things he had always envisioned after growing up in the outdoors. Over the years he transitioned to the opposite side of the lens, where his passion now is partaking in the hobbies and things he grew up doing, but with a camera. Justin still loves to fish and hunt to this day, but he mostly enjoys creating images with his cameras. A natural progression from a hobby to a career has brought him to a point where he can experience the great outdoors and help others bring their vision to reality.

His professional career is in Civil Engineering, and he graduated from Vermont Technical College in 2013. Justin is often found on both sides of a camera and enjoys hunting, golf, camping and making maple syrup. He lives in northern Vermont not far from Lake Champlain with his wife, Amanda, his stepson, Charlie, and his dogs, Hank and Sandy.



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