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Candace Henderson
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Candace Henderson

Candace is an avid angler with an immense passion for everything outdoors. Much of her childhood was spent exploring the vast wilderness of the Colorado Rockies with her father, who was a devoted outdoorsman. They did everything the rustic way – no electricity, no showers, no cell phones (not that cell phones were a thing […]

Kara Moss

Kara is an outdoor enthusiast based in Texas.  Her love of the outdoors stems from all the time spent hiking and exploring the outdoors with her dad as a kid.  It wasn’t until college that she went fishing for the first time – and she’s been hooked ever since!  There’s nothing more Kara loves than fishing and […]

Laura Agee

Growing up in Camden, Alabama, Laura enjoyed fishing, catching turtles, and taking trail rides along Lake Millers Ferry. Most, if not all of her favorite memories with her family have involved some form of outdoor focused activity. From white-water rafting to good old-fashioned camping. After graduating from Auburn University she returned home to serve as Director […]

Joanna Lee
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Joanna Lee

Joanna is an avid adventurer and spends most of her free time exploring the beautiful state of Colorado where she lives with her fiancé, two dogs and two cats. She is always active with a hobby, or multiple, for each season including hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, trail running, paddleboarding and camping. Her dogs, Kane and Nyx, join her […]

Allyson Shulte

Allyson is an avid hiker, photographer, and adventurer in Colorado. In her free time, you can find Allyson hitting the trails and finding ways to enjoy the beauty and fun that each season offers. Whether camping, hiking, paddle boarding, backpacking, snowshoeing, or skiing, Allyson loves to stay active, explore new places, and share her adventures […]

Brooks Tiller

Dr. Brooks Tiller grew up in Tennessee learning woodsmanship and outdoor skills from his father and grandfather. Professionally, he has worked and traveled the globe working with professional and Olympic athletes as a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach. Also known as ‘The Healthy Hunter’, Brooks has been featured on American Ninja Warrior. His true passion […]

Dan O’Sullivan

Dan O’Sullivan is the managing editor of AdvancedAngler.com, a fishing industry media outlet. Originally from the West coast, the current Southside, Alabama resident has been an outdoor writer and photographer for 27 years. O’Sullivan and his wife Christina also serve as media and marketing consultants to professional anglers. While he’s been a lifetime athlete and […]

Joe Sills

Joe Sills is an award-winning explorer and journalist who kicked off his career with a solo, cross-country road trip of America in a tent. He’s charbroiled gas station burritos over an open fire in Utah and cooked with a Swedish countess in a medieval kitchen. He’s shared the table of a Chinese billionaire in a subterranean […]

Adventurtunity Family
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Adventurtunity Family

Spencer, Kristi, Kade, and Ruko Blu asked themselves one simple question. “If you had everything you needed to make a change, would you?” This question not only put them on the spot to realize that they did indeed have what they needed to make a change, but it also propelled them to sell it all and embark on […]

Cricket Coates

Cricket Coates is a central Florida youth angler and outdoor adventurer. She grew up hunting Florida land, fishing Florida waters and enjoying everything fun outdoors! She is known for her bass fishing accomplishments and has partnered with IGFA, Guy Harvey Resorts, and Bridgemaster Fishing Products to promote youth and female fishing with educational videos and […]

Philip Hunt

Philip Hunt grew up exploring the outdoors in any way possible. Thanks to his parents, uncles, and family friends, he is just as comfortable kayaking whitewater rapids as tying microscopic flies for fly-fishing. Philip’s wife, Corey, shares in the love of outdoor adventure. Together they raise two children with the goal of instilling a lifelong […]

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