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Now is the time to go outside. Explore. Try something new.
The outdoors isn’t just for our professional anglers. It’s for everyone. And we here at Bassmaster are passionate about getting you started on your first adventure. In 1967, our love of the outdoors started on the water with Ray Scott’s fishing tournament and since then BASS has been involved in conservation issues, protection of natural resources, and the preservation of bass fishing. We continue to grow and want to share our passion with you as we dive into a variety of easy, accessible outdoor activities. We hope to encourage families and beginners to take the first step. Inspire you to go on your first hike, first camping trip, try that new campfire recipe, and start building a healthy lifestyle. At Bassmaster’s Go Out{side} you’ll find all the resources you need to start your outdoor journey. Now, let’s go explore!

Our Mission

We encourage people to get outside. Bassmaster’s Go Out{side} wants to inspire as well as teach young families how to fish, camp, cook outside, and explore the great outdoors through travel, paddle sports and more. Our passion starts with the water, but Go Out{side} dives into a variety of easy, accessible outdoor activities.
More than ever people are interested in outdoor activities. The pandemic has kept many of us indoors, and there’s a growing body of research about the health benefits of being outside. At the same time, families want to make special memories doing fun, physical activities together. More than ever, now is the time for Go Out{side}.
We want you to explore with us and share your adventures.
Go Out{side} is about community and our shared enjoyment of the outdoors. Our team here at B.A.S.S. is committed to teaching, encouraging and inspiring you to start exploring. We want to hear about your first fishing experience or your first hike. Share in the excitement of your first camping trip. Learn about the new places you find and the gear you can't go without. We are here to help get you started or reacquainted with the outdoors and excited to be a part of your adventures.

Our People

A small but mighty team backed by the B.A.S.S. shield
Laurie Tisdale, Director of Go Out{side}

Laurie Tisdale, Director of Go Out{side}

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Laurie is a long-time B.A.S.S. employee who has been the designer for Bassmaster magazine for 20 years. As the Director of Go Out{side}, Laurie enjoys incorporating her love and knowledge of the outdoors into Go Out{side}. Laurie grew up on Lake Martin, skiing, fishing and enjoying life on the water. Now the entire Tisdale family, including 11-year-old Gavin, 14-year-old Addison, and her husband Patrick, spends as much time as possible on the lake, fishing, hiking and traveling to various national parks during the kids’ school breaks.
Laura Agee, Digital Editor

Laura Agee, Digital Editor

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Growing up in Camden, Alabama, Laura enjoyed fishing, catching turtles, and taking trail rides along Lake Millers Ferry. Most, if not all of her favorite memories with her family have involved some form of outdoor focused activity. From white-water rafting to good old-fashioned camping. After graduating from Auburn University she returned home to serve as Director for the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce where she worked on promoting local businesses and the natural resources available in the area. She has been an ambassador for the University of Alabama's Southwest Alabama campaign and a camerawoman for Anglers Channel during Live on the Water and weigh-ins at Alabama Bass Trail tournaments. Laura's hope is that Go Out{side} will inspire other families to do the same, and build those lasting memories we hold onto as youngsters well into our adult years. During her free time, Laura enjoys traveling to new places and photographing a variety of subjects ranging from wildlife, landscapes, architecture, and portraiture.
Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

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Our ambassadors share their experience and knowledge with you so your family can learn and go outside. Check out their stories, how-to articles, and follow them on their social channels. They are excited to help you start your outside story.

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